RESULT 4: Strategy on LARPing adaption


With the goal to develop 21st century skills to students in
combination with climate change awareness and action, teachers
face various difficulties to apply innovative competence-based
teaching in their settings as they are not trained in such practices
(Council, 2018). With a lack of effective strategies, practices and
tools for delivering innovative, action-driven CCE, they do not feel
confident to teach for climate change due to the absence of clarity
about the most effective teaching strategies (Monroe, 2019) along
with the existence of a vast number of different approaches,
methods and resources for CCE that creates further confusion.
Due to the partnership’s expertise in EduLARP and 21st skills
development methods and by understanding the effect this
method can have to learning competences of students and soft
skills a thorough Strategy on LARPing Adaptation to National
School Curricula is foreseen.