Global educational role-playing Estonia

 In the spring of 2023, 10 schools participated in the project ”Global educational role-playing as a supporter of formal and non-formal learning in the topics of global and climate justice” led by the Peipsi Cooperation Center. The research revealed that role plays are used quite often in the subject lessons. There were more of those who use the pig method in their studies at least once a year, a total of 63%. 37% of respondents had not used it at all. It was also surprising that almost a quarter of the respondents used the role play more often than 5 times. Among them there were respondents who also mentioned that about ten times or even 15-20 times a year. Role plays would be needed in all levels of school. From the survey, it was found that a little more is needed for students from the second grade. The topics for which role play scenarios are needed are primarily related to the environment, history, humanities, multiculturalism, nature studies and many social topics. “GreenEduLarp, co-founded by the European Union, Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in school education.”


AeliaPath Empowers Drama Theatre Teachers through GreenEduLarp Methodology Training

AeliaPath continues its commitment to educational innovation by conducting a specialised training session. This session was designed with the objective of empowering drama theatre teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to seamlessly incorporate the innovative GreenEduLarp methodology into their teaching practices.

In a world that demands creative and immersive educational approaches, drama theater teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of learners. The training, led by AeliaPath, embraced the vision of GreenEduLarp, which utilizes Live Action Role-Playing (Larp) as a dynamic tool to instill environmental awareness and sustainability values.

Through this training, drama theatre teachers were exposed to the unique intersection of art, drama, and environmental education. They acquired the expertise to create engaging, role-playing experiences that enable students to delve deep into the world of environmental consciousness, fostering a sense of responsibility for our planet.


Educator inspiration West Thessaloniki

AeliaPath Inspired Educators in West Thessaloniki with GreenEdularp Methodology The seminar provided a platform for AeliaPath to inform and engage educators from various school units about the transformative GreenEdularp methodology. Through this enlightening experience, educators were introduced to innovative ways of incorporating environmental education into their classrooms


AeliaPath’s GreenEduLarp Presentation at International Educational Innovation Event

AeliaPath, a key contributor to the transformative GreenEduLarp project, recently marked a significant milestone by participating in and presenting the project’s innovative method at the prestigious 9th International Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation.

The event served as a platform to showcase the groundbreaking approach of GreenEduLarp in fostering environmental education through immersive role-playing experiences. AeliaPath’s active involvement underscored the project’s mission to revolutionise how we teach and learn about sustainability.

The presentation highlighted the potential of GreenEduLarp to inspire a new generation of environmentally conscious individuals, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge to address the ecological challenges of our time.


Pilot Testing ’Green EduLarp’ Lesson Plans and Toolkit

The ’Green EduLarp’ project is continuing as educators from Poland, Estonia, Sweden, and Greece collaborate to pilot test the project’s innovative lesson plans and toolkit. This international effort marks a significant milestone in the project’s development, as it brings together educators from different countries to evaluate and refine these transformative resources.

Teachers from diverse backgrounds and educational systems are at the forefront of this pilot testing phase. Their experiences and insights will play a vital role in shaping the effectiveness and adaptability of the ’Green EduLarp’ materials. By testing these resources with educators who represent a variety of teaching environments, the project aims to ensure that the lesson plans and toolkit can cater to the diverse needs of classrooms worldwide.

As the ’Green EduLarp’ project enters this crucial phase, it remains committed to its mission of inspiring a new generation of environmentally-conscious individuals. Stay tuned for updates on this project, where educators unite to transform the future of environmental education.


”Omställningsveckan” Lajverkstaden Sweden

LajvVerkstaden hosted an online lecture as part of our local environmental awareness week, introducing the GEL project material. The presentation covered key aspects of environmental conservation and practical steps for a greener community. The event was well-received, fostering eco-consciousness and community engagement Look at our video HUB on youtube to watch it.


Embracing Summer, Cultivating Sustainability: A ’Green EduLarp’ Reflection

As the warm embrace of summer envelops us, it’s a time to pause, reflect, and connect with the beauty of our natural world. ’Green EduLarp’ isn’t just a project; it’s hopefully the start of a more sustainable future.

In the vibrant tapestry of July, when nature is in full bloom, we find inspiration for our journey. The ’Green EduLarp’ project, which intertwines education and environmental consciousness, is a reminder that our actions, both big and small, matter.

Whether you’re enjoying the outdoors, tending to a garden, or simply savouring the beauty of a sunny day, remember that these moments are an integral part of our connection to the environment. ’Green EduLarp’ aims to instil this connection in the hearts of the next generation.

Wishing you a wonderful and sustainable July, filled with purpose, passion, and a deep appreciation for the world we call home. Let’s keep moving forward, one step at a time, towards a brighter, more eco-conscious future.


the annual conference of the Rohelise kooli programm Eestis

On the 6th of June – the annual conference of the Rohelise kooli programm Eestis /Green School Programme in Estonia of the Green School network / Rohelise kooli võrgustik in Estonia was held in Tallinn, where the Peipsi Cooperation Center conducted three workshops on creating educational role-playing games.

In the workshop, a quick version of the ”Tree of Life” was played, an overview of what a educational role play game was given, and an example and practical tips how to use sustainable development goals to find material for creating role-playing games.

The syllabus of the Green Edularp project was introduced and the opportunity to test it in autumn 2023.



On June 2, the Peipsi Cooperation Center held a training session ”GLOBAL EDUCATION THROUGH EDUCATIONAL ROLE PLAYING” in Tartu as part of the role-play festival 🙂🙃🙂

Training included theory of edularp, practical workshop on developing one edu-larp idea and also the #greenedularp green student curriculum was also introduced and invited to test it in autumn.

Two edularp ideas began to develop, where one game takes adventurers to the years of 1300. The second idea was different challenges with the adventurers on the Island, where the storm cuts off electricity and all means of communication, and the inhabitants face perishable food.


Spreading the GreenEdularp Revolution: Empowering Educators in Thessaloniki with Innovative Environmental Education

In Thessaloniki, two high schools recently had the opportunity to explore the groundbreaking GreenEdularp methodology and participate in a three-day training program held in Poland. This immersive experience not only familiarised these educators with the methodology but also inspired them to bring environmental education to life in their classrooms. The introduction of the GreenEdularp methodology to the high schools in Thessaloniki, along with the three-day training program in Poland, has paved the way for a new era of environmental education in the region. With dedicated and informed educators at the helm, students in Thessaloniki will benefit from an engaging and transformative learning experience that will instil in them a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship. The ripple effect of this initiative promises to inspire other educators and schools to embrace innovative methodologies, ultimately leading to a greener and more sustainable future for all.