GreenEduLArp’s Productive Gathering in Västerås, Sweden

The GreenEduLArp team recently convened for their 2nd Transnational Project meeting in Västerås, Sweden, from September 6th to 7th, 2022. Hosted by LV, the two-day intensive meeting brought together an international team of educators, experts, and creators.

This in-person meeting infused the team with fresh energy and unity. It was a time of intense collaboration, brainstorming, and strategizing to advance the GreenEduLArp project, which aims to inspire environmental education.

The meeting showcased the power of international cooperation and cultural diversity, enhancing the project’s potential to inspire a new generation of environmentally-conscious individuals. As the team left Västerås, they carried with them a strengthened resolve to shape the future of education through GreenEduLArp.

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