AeliaPath Empowers Drama Theatre Teachers through GreenEduLarp Methodology Training

AeliaPath continues its commitment to educational innovation by conducting a specialised training session. This session was designed with the objective of empowering drama theatre teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to seamlessly incorporate the innovative GreenEduLarp methodology into their teaching practices.

In a world that demands creative and immersive educational approaches, drama theater teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of learners. The training, led by AeliaPath, embraced the vision of GreenEduLarp, which utilizes Live Action Role-Playing (Larp) as a dynamic tool to instill environmental awareness and sustainability values.

Through this training, drama theatre teachers were exposed to the unique intersection of art, drama, and environmental education. They acquired the expertise to create engaging, role-playing experiences that enable students to delve deep into the world of environmental consciousness, fostering a sense of responsibility for our planet.

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