Global educational role-playing Estonia

 In the spring of 2023, 10 schools participated in the project ”Global educational role-playing as a supporter of formal and non-formal learning in the topics of global and climate justice” led by the Peipsi Cooperation Center. The research revealed that role plays are used quite often in the subject lessons. There were more of those who use the pig method in their studies at least once a year, a total of 63%. 37% of respondents had not used it at all. It was also surprising that almost a quarter of the respondents used the role play more often than 5 times. Among them there were respondents who also mentioned that about ten times or even 15-20 times a year. Role plays would be needed in all levels of school. From the survey, it was found that a little more is needed for students from the second grade. The topics for which role play scenarios are needed are primarily related to the environment, history, humanities, multiculturalism, nature studies and many social topics. “GreenEduLarp, co-founded by the European Union, Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in school education.”

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