Stimmuli for change, Edularp in Greece

In the first trimester of 2024, piloting activities taking place in the 43rd primary school of Thessaloniki, Greece, have been completed with excitement. Stimmuli for Social Change, has been invited to the school in different phases of the programme. Stimmuli has offered an informal presentation of the programme to interested teachers of the school. Mrs. Konstantina Mistakidou, one of the schools’ teachers who had participated in the GEL teacher’s training programme in Poland, ran the pilot implementation within her class of 6th grade (11-12 years old students). 

Since the beginning the project was embraced by the students with excitement, anticipation but also with wonder from some of the students. The programme has been taking place for a period of 2 months, and with 22 students taking part in it. The scenario created and played by students, was related to many different topics of the national curriculum, with its main topic being social and environmental aspects. The game play has as background an island, while the 4 different group of roles consists of the native people of the island, the native animals, the native oceanic fauna, and finally a group of “outsiders” who arrive in the island after their vacation ship got a problem nearby. 

The students had a previous experience with LARPing, which led to quick preparations and deeper understanding of the methodology, and leaving more time for engagement, game-play and fun. 

World building phase 

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