What do we want with GreenEduLarp?

Here’s how we plan to introduce Green EduLARP into schools:

🍃Familiarizing Teachers: We’ll start with smaller initiatives to show teachers the benefits of role-playing in education.

🔬 Emphasizing Broader Goals: We’re not just about learning facts, but fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and experiential learning.

📚 Disseminating Information: Catch us at educational conferences like SETT fair, in teachers’ magazines, and through professional unions.

🌳 Nature Education Collaboration: We’re teaming up with Naturskoleföreningen to bring nature education to life.

🎭 Role-playing Professionals: Working with experts to build a strong theoretical basis for Green EduLARP.

🌍 Environmental Goals: Aligning with Agenda 2030 to make a real impact on our planet.

🔍 Investigative Role-playing: Exploring collaborations with cultural schools for immersive learning experiences.

Together, let’s revolutionize environmental education!

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